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Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell

January 20th, 2015 by admin in Uncategorized

In this modern world of wireless technology, wireless doorbell is the choice of the majority of the house owners. Today, people give importance to a product that offers copious features rather than just a single feature. And that’s particularly true in case of modern world wireless doorbells. Not only they free us from the complex installation procedures of wired doorbells, but also allow us to integrate them with our home security accessories. Also, a wireless doorbell can be connected to different doorbell buttons, which is an added feature. The price range of such wireless doorbells usually lies between $30 and $100, but prices may even go much higher; Jacob Jensen Wireless doorbell is one of them.

Wireless Doorbell - Award Winning Modern Design By Jacob Jensen


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While the features offered by some of brands of wireless doorbells aren’t up to par with respect to their high prices, Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell with unique design and spectacular build quality available at a price as high as $145 is worth buying. Let’s deal with the specifications and some of the great features of this wireless doorbell that make it the stand out of the crowd.

The overall dimension of Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell is 7” by 4.5” by 1.5”, while the doorbell push button dimension is 3.5” by 1.5” by 1”. Also, the operating range of 450 ft. allows you to keep this doorbell almost everywhere inside the house. This doorbell also comes with 6 AA chime batteries and 2 CR2032 batteries for its proper operation.

Out of the box, Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell comes with one receiver and one push button. But, you can add some more buttons and receivers later. The good news is that a single push button can interact with different receivers. No doubt, this doorbell is very easy to install and use; it takes only a few minutes to install. As mentioned earlier, the wireless range of this doorbell is as high as 450 ft. So, the signals from push button can be sent to the receiver, which is at a distance of up to 450 ft. Moreover, it’s not necessary for you to place the push button and the receiver in a direct line of range. The wireless receiver is also equipped with sound and volume control features.

Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell Extra Receiver


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With the purchase, you’ll get some hardware that will help you to mount the wireless push button. Best of all, these doorbells comes with a manufacturers warranty of one year. Thus, you can trust when it comes to buying the Jacob Jensen Wireless doorbell. If you notice, you’ll see an illuminating light both on the push button as well as on the bell. The major function of this light is to indicate the low battery status. As soon as you see an illuminating light on any of the devices–on the bell or on the push button–think that it’s now time for you to recharge the batteries. Last, but not the least, as any other mid-ranged wireless doorbells, Jacob Jensen wireless doorbells also can be either fixed on the wall, or can be kept in a standing position almost anywhere in the house.

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